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Core Background Information

UK: House of Commons ‘Teaching Children to Read’ (March 2005)

UK: Independent Review of the Teaching of Early Reading:
Final Report, Jim Rose, March 2006

UK Reading Reform Foundation: Debbie is a former editor of the RRF newsletter and founded the website. She is now an advisor to the UK RRF. Here you will find a lively message forum – please feel free to contribute.

Debbie’s online programme, Phonics International, has a huge number
of free resources, suitable for 3+ to adults, and free information
including video clips of the ‘sounds’ and ‘graphemes’ of the English alphabetic code. Student teachers can become trained in the
Synthetic Phonics Teaching Principles with this programme.

SyntheticPhonicsTraining.com - Debbie’s training and consultancy website.

Oxford School Improvement site with free ‘Top Tips’ from
UK experts, free reports and other information.

USA National Reading Panel ‘Teaching Children to Read’ (April 2000)

Australian Government report ‘National Inquiry into the
Teaching of Literacy’ (December 2005)

Various papers and free resources

Debbie Hepplewhite’s Two Stage Teaching Model illustrates how
phonics teaching fits with the wider curriculum
(compatible with the Simple View of Reading Model)

Debbie Hepplewhite’s criteria for evaluating and selecting a synthetic phonics programme and supporting resources.

Some key extracts from the Final Rose Report, March 2006,
selected by Debbie Hepplewhite.

A simple guide for parents to support early reading. This is one side of A4 - fold to make A5 pamphlet or stick into home/school reading record book.

Phonics International free phonics and word level assessments.

Phonics International ‘Teeny Reading Seeds’ for very young beginners provides many resources featuring alphabet letters and sounds that may be useful prior to starting a full synthetic phonics programme.

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